mediation services

“The only difference between stumbling blocks and stepping stones is the way in which we use them.”
Adriana Doyle

Nikita has been a family and conflict mediator for over two decades. Using a team approach when indicated, she creatively weaves psychological wisdom into the process between those seeking to unwind a relationship, reconfigure a family or move past intractable, frozen patterns of conflict between adults in organizations, or with family members in ongoing co-parenting relations.

Her intelligent, approachable, no-nonsense style helps both adults and youth feel at ease, while her insightfulness assists all parties identify blockages and to work effectively together towards a resolution. Often, participants in the mediation are pleasantly surprised at the unexpected transformative change they notice in themselves and the relationship. Although there is never a straight path to a solution, Nikita’s ability to think “outside the box” ensures that there is seldom a dead end if parties are willing to stay the course and remain committed to a creative, non-adversarial process.

Specific Mediation Services 

• Mediating conflict between parents and youth

• Facilitation of difficult conversations (ie…”Dad I’m gay”, “Honey, I’m gay”, “I’m pregnant”, “I can’t become pregnant”, “I’m going to  keep the baby”, “I’m not going to keep the baby” , “I need this to end”,”
“Something bad happened to me”, “Mummy is going to heaven”, “Daddy is sick”…

• Mediating workplace conflict for staff & clients/ students & teachers/employers & employees/members of family businesses, to name just a few.