“The message sent is not always the message received.”
Virgina Satir

There are times when each of us comes up against personal barriers that inhibit our clear, meaningful communication with others. Nikita is a skilled and trained communicator available to act as writer, editor and communication coach for those requiring assistance under stress to more clearly communicate their thoughts, ideas, intentions and feelings to others in written or verbal formats.

The process itself is therapeutic as Nikita guides and supports the client to courageously speak their truth and manage their fear of outcome, reprisal or judgement. During the process, clients report feeling less alone in their struggle, more effective in clarifying their message about who they are to others, and find themselves more personally accountable for the words they put on paper or in talking points.

Examples of some communications that Nikita has assisted with are:

• Job Interview Preparation
• Candidate Selection/Interview Questions
• High School and University Papers
• Resume/Curriculum Vitae/Website/Communication Materials
• Personal Statements for University Applications
• Media Training
• Texting and Email Correspondence (for diffusing adversarial patterns of communication)
• Ending Relationship Letters
• Changing Relationship Letters
• Sharing Bad News Communications
• Letters to Parents from Children/Youth/Adults
• Letters from Parents to Children/Youth/Adults
• Eulogies/Speeches/Sermons
• Book (Fiction and Non-Fiction) Manuscripts/Periodical Articles.